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Marathon Race 3D

Сыграно раз: 3,609

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In Marathon Race io, players take on the role of a runner who strives to become the fastest athlete on the planet. Players start at a basic level and can improve runner skills such as speed, endurance, income, etc. The more the player covers the distance, the more opportunities there are to improve skills and collect bonuses. The game's locations range from city streets to the wild, each with unique obstacles and challenges. Players must show agility and reaction to outrun their opponents. The game also offers an item fusion system to equip more powerful items for new feats. With constantly improving runners, varied locations and competition opportunities, Marathon Race io promises an immersive experience that will make players feel like true running champions. Enjoy playing this marathon clicker game here at Y8.com!

Категория: Спортивные Игры
Добавлено 28 Apr 2024