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Hospital Model Emergency

Сыграно раз: 32,024

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Спасибо! Ваш голос был учтён и он скоро отобразится.
Детали игры

This is yet another game in the Hospital Model Emergency series, which is one of our favorites. Our adorable model is involved in a serious collision. We hurried her to the hospital and attended to her wounds as soon as we could after she sustained injuries. She has some major damage to her skull, therefore let's open her skull, remove the clotted blood, and perform surgery to treat the wound. First, remove all the objects that have become stuck on her by applying honey. Let's then get her fitted again and put her in adorable gowns. For more of the series' episodes, visit y8.com. Play more games and have fun exclusively on y8.com.

Категория: Игры для Девочек
Разработчик: Y8 Studio
Добавлено 22 Nov 2023
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Спасибо! Ваш голос был учтён и он скоро отобразится.
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