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Dino Piler

Сыграно раз: 7,191

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Dino Piler a fun festive game to play on. The dinosaur is preparing for the Easter holidays, he wants to replace the traditional rabbit and hide the painted eggs himself. But first, he needs to stock up a lot of eggs so that all friends will have enough. You can help the hero build a huge egg tower. The principle of construction - the coloring of eggs should not be repeated. If the same egg is installed from above like the previous one, the tower will collapse. At the top of the screen, you will see the next item to avoid making mistakes. Act quickly, if you hesitate, the game will end, and the points scored will remain fixed in the Dino Piler. Play this fun game only on y8.com

Категория: Умения
Добавлено 22 Nov 2020