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Описание видео

Reflections; Something quite odd about them
Sometimes they're riddled with truth,
Sometimes they're nothing more than illusion.
Turning moments into memories, as I stride along;
Along the paths of oblivion.
In the arms of the earth,
My eyes seek depth and my heart a connection.
Perhaps, that's when I first felt it
A homesickness for a home that never was,
A home I never knew;And, yet I could call my own...
I remember vividly of a time when all I felt was a quiver, a longing,
A longing to traverse nameless skies;
To sail mighty seas of human existence;
A longing to connect with reckless abandon;
A longing to discover that perennial state
Of finding home wherever I go...
For, it is here within the realms of the endless road, that I find
Reflections of the pure.
I see hope, faith and a renewed sense of purpose.
And, it is here in the soils of wilderness,
That the most pure find a connection the most loved...
I strike acquaintance with those I don't call my own,
And, I wonder,
Am I an illusion of them? Or they an illusion of me?
I ponder, many a time, if I'd be met with their wondrous gaze
Yet again, years later;
If they'd remember who I was
When I held their hands once more...
For, we meet only to depart.
And, we depart only to meet again.
And, in these moments of uncertainty,
We find joy in the most seclusive of places...
All my life, I sought to cherish the circle
That encompassed myself and those I call my own.
Nothing but bare reality, devoid of any mirage...
And, amidst waves of emotions running wild,
I soon discovered severed links in my expanding bubble.
In the race to secure more for myself,
I had abandoned those I couldn't call my own;
Those who'd fallen out of my circle;
Those who constituted 'the rest'
And, not before long it struck me,
I was trapped in the maze of my own desires
Blinded by the societal veils hung before my eyes.
Soon, as the walls of my stagnant bubble crumbled down.
The borders receded; the circle dissipated...
No longer did I hide in the shadows of 'me' and 'myself'.
Slowly, as the boundaries collapsed before me,
I found great courage in the recesses of my heart.
And, within the vast expanse of its absolute truth
I found true liberation...
And, as I walk through the trails of a world undiscovered,
The profundity of it all struck me odd.
For, there's familiarity hidden in the unknown.
And, uncertainty hidden in the familiar.
But what lurks beneath the orbits of the uncertain
Is where my soul finds its calling;
A place... where I feel like I belong when I'm lost
A place I call my own...
Floating adrift in the heart of civilisation,
Ever and again, I struck silence amidst conflicted minds.
That's when I knew ... that my heart desired more.
And, thus, began my journey, towards the pulse of humankind,
Where eyes met eyes and our hearts sang in unison,
To conjoin our splintered souls,
And relieve our burdened spirits
Caught in the winds of despair;
To create a world where once
Walked guardians of an eternal light…
Where a sojourn begins at a bourneless sea,
I stride towards paths… now forgotten
To re-discover our lost connection
With the rest of my 'human' family.

Added on 04 Feb 2017
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