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Matthews Car Mount with C500 on a Lamborghini!

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I had the pleasure of setting up many camera displays during TIFF13 for Canon. The displays were from films that are in TIFF this year. The most fun was the one on the Lamborghini! ( I forget the model name ) It was in inspiration of the new film RUSH by Ron Howard, who by the way came down and saw the set up! I am not sure if he used some of the Matthews mounts on his film, but I have a feeling that yes he did. As far as I have learned C500s were used, and I am going to research what other cameras were used. It's a great film!
I used a Matthews Master Mount System with a Magic Riser to support the C500. It is fast and easy, and the Lambor rep was happy with that choice of mounting system. I had a few other options and this was by far the best one. NO SCRATCHES! And equally important - it is very stable. Unfortunately I was not allowed to drive the car away, so I couldn't get any demo footage of a spin. Though if you go to the Matthews website they have made a video with footage examples, and it's very solid. LIKE LOVE SHARE COMMENT thanks!

Added on 04 Feb 2017
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