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The rapidly changing world of technology makes computer systems more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Valuable business data is increasingly being exposed as a trade-off for manageability and access, while targeted attacks are on the rise. The future is an integrated architecture where Industrial Control Systems may no longer be isolated from traditional networking equipment. Subsequently, a vulnerability discovered within a product or automation system could allow an attacker access to important building environmental controls. These automation devices and software consoles are being used to control HVAC, Lighting, CCTV, Water Pumps and more. What is more troubling is that many of these devices are being exposed to the public Internet with little to no security controls. The presenter will illustrate how an attacker can leverage multiple weaknesses to own a buildings’ automation system and wreak havoc. The objective raise awareness to the threats of insecured ICS and Building Automation networks.

Добавлено 06 May 2017
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