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At the 2010 International Space Development Conference we had a chance to catch up with Dr. Robert Zubrin and chat about Mars for a bit. His never-waning passion for putting human explorers on Mars is a bit infectious. ; With the recent success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 maiden launch and hopefully soon a Falcon 9 Heavy launch, maybe Dr. Zubrin's dreams of going to Mars within, well, some day are actually possible? It's not the technology we lack, but rather the will to go. So lets get excited about moving past Low Earth Orbit and set our sites on a destination. While personally I don't care if it is Mars, Enceladus, the Moon or some crazy asteroid there is something to be said about having a unified voice. Maybe it's time that we as a space community stood up and said, "Hey World, we're going to Mars!"

Добавлено 26 Apr 2017
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