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Adventure trip in Egypt 2- destination NW

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Описание видео

We had a really nice adventure trip in Egypt. Our base... Dahab. We went to 3 destinations, some already known by now and some totally new... amazing... Some friends followed on first spot, other on second and so on... With the trip we want people to remember what windsurfing really is, what it gives and how makes your life different. it is not about the money, or fame or whatever, it doesn't matter if you are world champion or doing just jibe, feeling on the water is the same...
This is second destination of three...Almost the most interesting one... We went all the way from Sharm el Sheikh to EL tur, searching the coast where it is possible to reach the water. Only problem is army, everywhere they kicked us from the beach ( very friendly tho), but we sneaked out on some spot and had the best session in Egypt. It was amazing, the wind, the place, the colors... Unbelievable!!!! We had sooooo much fun, also with pushing the car out of the sand like 5 time :D Steven was already freaking out :P .
Check it out, enjoy and stay tuned... third part is coming super fast- Egyptian Bonaire, they say!!!
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Davy Scheffers H311 Gaastra/ Tabou
Steven Van Broeckhoven B72 Gaastra/ F2
Andraž Žan SLO49 Hot Sails Maui / F2

Added on 21 Jan 2017
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