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Villain Quinn Fashionista On The Cover a funny villain dress game online. Our cute villain is very interested to get on the magazine cover so she can be famous. We all know her love story and she realized and learned from her mistake. She wants to inspire all other girls with her story and reveal it in the magazine. There are eight editions on the magazine all she needs is cover shots with your help, so create 8 unique outfits and looks to help her look beautiful and stunning on each one. Once you have created glam or sporty fashion style for her and make sure she shines on the cover with her amazing looks and her look change and accessorize the objects in the shoot to match her newly created style for the perfect picture. Have fun! You can decorate the cover of the magazine too according to her fashion style. Play this fun game online on y8.com

Добавлено 21 Aug 2020
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